Advantech and Guanghetong jointly release 5G SD-WAN solution

Advantech, a manufacturer of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms, announced that it has jointly released a 5G SD-WAN solution with Guanghetong, a provider of IoT wireless communication solutions and wireless communication modules, for the digital transformation of enterprises in the 5G era. Provide high-speed, reliable one-stop wireless networking solutions.

“For more than 20 years, Advantech has been providing a wide range of equipment manufacturers and service providers with a trusted and innovative network platform to transform global networks,” said Sandy Chen, Director of Network Devices and Hyperconverged Network Servers at Advantech’s IoT Cloud Business Group. The 1112VC and FWA-1212VC are another step forward in our innovative uCPE white box offering that extends the cloud to the edge, enabling a fully disaggregated network model, allowing service providers and enterprises to drive innovation in the 5G + IoT era.”

Tao Xi, Business Development Director of Guanghetong 5G Ecological Chain, said: “The deployment of SD-WAN has become an important part of the digital transformation of enterprises. 5G and SD-WAN complement each other and integrate with each other. Virtualization will be the most important technological development of 5G. Use 5G slicing to provide unique services for different businesses. By virtualizing 5G network, high flexibility of SD-WAN can be achieved. Guanghetong 5G module has achieved domestic full Netcom, providing Advantech 5G SD-WAN solution High-speed and reliable wireless networking services accelerate the commercial process of Advantech’s uCPE white box.”

5G + SD-WAN solution, enterprise “wisdom” wins the key

SD-WAN (Software-Defined – Wide Area Network), software-defined wide area network is considered to be a rigid need for enterprises after enterprises go to the cloud. SD-WAN greatly promotes cloud-network integration, in terms of cost, flexibility, availability, reliability, etc. There are great improvements in all aspects.

In addition to the three major application scenarios of eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband), uRLLC (ultra-reliable and low-latency), and mMTC (massive machine communication), the most anticipated feature of 5G is the slicing technology. The combination of 5G network slicing (Network Slicing) technology and SD-WAN can use SD-WAN application identification capabilities to identify and classify business traffic, and then intelligently select routes based on traffic categories, such as Internet slicing for Internet traffic and cloud traffic. Cloud slicing is used to accelerate the quality assurance of cloud migration, and private slicing of production services is used to ensure that traffic is not transmitted outside. Centrally manage the network and configure traffic resources more flexibly. At the same time, the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G enables uCPE devices to support more application scenarios, such as cloud gaming, AR, VR, 4K/8K video transmission, etc.

Advantech FWA 1112VC and FWA-1212VC SD-WAN terminal equipment, equipped with Guanghetong FM150 5G module, empowers enterprise network transformation. By deploying 5G SD-WAN terminal equipment, enterprises can choose flexible network configurations according to business needs, shorten the deployment period from weeks to hours, and save more than 40% of WAN operating costs. Advantech has been deeply involved in the industrial Internet for many years, and its successful experience in 5G SD-WAN solutions will extend from enterprises to smart cities and industrial IoT fields.

Equipped with Guanghetong FM150 5G module, Advantech 5G SD-WAN new product debut

For more than 30 years, the world’s leading brands have chosen Advantech computing platforms and IoT smart systems to embed their products to power Industry 4.0, co-build smart cities, and transform network infrastructure. As a pioneer of new technologies such as AI, IoT and NFV, Advantech has been committed to building a new business ecosystem and spared no effort to promote the development of a smart planet.

Advantech and Guanghetong jointly release 5G SD-WAN solution

To meet the needs of 5G SD-WAN, Advantech has launched two fanless network application platforms, FWA-1112VC and FWA-1212VC. Among them, the field of FWA-1112VC extended use extends from the office to the more severe environment of semi-outdoor, and the WAN connection options are more from the general 1 GbE interface, including 5G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 or even 10 GbE SFP+ to combine with higher-speed and low-latency 5G WWAN for redundancy or parallel wide-area rollout. The compact design with wide temperature and fanless is suitable for working environments where noise levels need to be reduced; at the same time, the design has been enhanced for surge and electrostatic protection, making it suitable for harsh working environments. FWA-1212VC is specially designed for domestic cloud service providers, with low cost and low power consumption, and the product design ideas are more in line with the preferences of domestic cloud service providers. FWA-1212VC also has 5G and Wi-Fi 6 expansion capabilities, providing enterprise users with low-latency, high-bandwidth, and highly reliable cloud platform access.


Application scenarios

Advantech SD-WAN whole machine FWA-1212VC (equipped with Guanghetong FM150 5G module)

In the 5G era, Advantech will conduct in-depth cooperation with Guanghetong to provide a series of innovative platforms on demand to help partners transform their networks with new decomposition models. uCPE and NFV extend the cloud to the enterprise edge, and with technologies such as SD-WAN, IoT, and virtual RAN, a converged edge architecture can securely connect people and things. More than 100 professional engineers strictly follow the quality design rules and test standards, and design Advantech network products with great concentration, which can fully meet the market demand. Certification and regional certification services ensure that the products can be safely deployed around the world and provide a perfect wireless experience for SD-WAN multiple application scenarios. .

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