CEVA celebrates reaching a milestone in the wireless Internet of Things-more than 100 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology licenses

CEVA, the world’s leading intelligent and connected device signal processing platform and artificial intelligence processor IP licenser (Nasdaq stock exchange code: CEVA) announced that its RivieraWaves wireless Internet of Things (IoT) technology series has reached an important milestone: Signed more than 100 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IP licenses. This achievement reflects the industry’s substantial growth in demand for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, especially in the Internet of Things market. ABI Research, a global technology market consulting company, predicts that by 2023, more than 10 billion Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled devices will be shipped each year.

CEVA acquired RivieraWaves in July 2014 as part of its corporate diversification strategy. Under the leadership of CEVA, RivieraWaves continues to develop strongly, leading the way in the semiconductor IP licensing industry for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. During this period, CEVA customers have shipped more than 1 billion Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and more than 300 million CEVA-based Bluetooth devices were shipped in 2018 alone.

Ange Aznar, vice president of CEVA and general manager of the wireless Internet of Things business unit, said: “In less than five years, we have reached more than 100 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi license transactions. This achievement is remarkable. I am very honored. Being able to serve as a member of the leadership team during this period of strong growth. This achievement proves that the IP developed by our engineers has excellent performance and quality. We look forward to seeing a large number of wireless Internet of Things customers launch to the market in the next few years. Colorful and innovative products.”

CEVA is the only licensed manufacturer in the industry that provides both Bluetooth dual-mode and low-power Bluetooth technology, and has provided licenses to many of the world’s leading chip suppliers and OEMs. CEVA takes the lead in the market for audible and wearable products, and has helped many iconic devices, including the Mi Band series activity tracker, Bluetooth hearing aids provided by leading manufacturers such as Oticon, smart thermostats provided by Nest, and the popular Tile Trackers, PokémonGo PLUS and hundreds of wireless speakers, headphones and wearable devices. CEVA’s Wi-Fi IP can help products ranging from smart devices to access points. So far, its Wi-Fi IP has been shipped in tens of millions of devices. With the low-power features brought about by the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, Wi-Fi is becoming more and more popular among IoT device designers. CEVA’s wireless connection customer base includes Actions Technology, Aojie Technology, Atmosic, Broadcom Integrated Circuits, Hengxuan Technology, Celeno, Dialog Semiconductor, Espressif, LifeSignals, NXP, ON Semiconductor, OS Electronics, Oticon, RDA, Swiss Core Microelectronics, Sichang Communications and ZTE Communications, etc.

Andrew Zignani, principal analyst at ABI Research, a technology market consulting firm, commented: “Licensable intellectual property plays an important role in meeting the extraordinary growth expectations of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Many companies choose to integrate wireless connectivity technology into their SoC is designed to reduce equipment cost, power consumption and size. CEVA is a key driving force for a large number of enterprises to embed the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wave, providing these enterprises with leading technology and industry-renowned wireless connection expertise.”

CEVA has the industry’s broadest IP product portfolio for wireless connectivity and smart sensing technology. Its RivieraWaves Wi-Fi IP series provides Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi 4), 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) or 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) or 802.11 Ax (Wi-Fi 6) is a comprehensive platform suite and can be pre-integrated with popular operating systems (including FreeRTOS and AliOS Things). The RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP series provides a comprehensive solution for low-power Bluetooth and Bluetooth dual-mode connections, and supports all Bluetooth 5.1 functions, including direction finding (AoA/AoD), random broadcast channel index, periodic broadcast synchronous transmission, GATT buffering and others Enhanced functions, so it is widely used in asset tracking, general IoT and Bluetooth audio applications. For audio applications including earphones and smart speakers, RevieraWaves Bluetooth IP can complement CEVA’s advanced DSP series and sound/audio/voice/voice algorithms. For low-power wide area (LPWA) applications, CEVA provides a CEVA-Dragonfly IP solution compatible with eNB-IoT and with built-in GNSS functions. To learn more about the CEVA wireless IoT platform, please visit the company’s website https://www.ceva-dsp.com/app/connectivity/.

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