There is also a reduction in the imported Model 3, and Tesla is speechless this time

On March 4, dozens of Tesla owners found that the controller code of the domestic Model 3 vehicle they bought was inconsistent with the environmental protection information on the vehicle list.

They filed a rights protection lawsuit against the 3.15 platform, claiming compensation from Tesla Shanghai on the grounds of “defrauding consumers”. The owner complained that his domestic Model 3 is equipped with HW2.5 (autonomous driving hardware 2.5), not HW3.0 (autonomous driving hardware 3.0) marked on the on-board environmental protection list.

“Not all the domestic Model 3s that have been delivered are equipped with HW2.5 hardware, the batches are different, and some have HW3.0 hardware installed.” Tesla’s relevant staff said, “The owner can contact the salesperson who connected with the car to confirm. Whether your vehicle is equipped with HW2.5 hardware. If it is confirmed that HW2.5 hardware is installed, the company will provide it with free replacement of HW3.0 hardware.”

With the fermentation of the “distribution reduction” incident, it was reported that “Tesla has stopped the delivery of the domestic Model 3 in March.” In response, the sales staff of a Tesla experience store in Shanghai said that they have not received any orders to stop the delivery. instruction.

Not only the domestic Model 3, but many owners who purchased imported Model 3 said that the models they purchased also had “reductions”. However, a salesperson at a Tesla experience store in Shanghai said: “We have only received notices for free replacement of HW3.0 hardware for domestic Model 3 owners now, not involving imported Model 3s.”

Tesla contract breach?

In the face of complaints from car owners, Tesla’s official Weibo released “Notes on the EIA List of Model 3 Made in China”, saying that Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory resumed work and production on February 10. During this period, based on supply chain conditions, some The standard battery life upgrade version Model 3 installed hardware is HW2.5.

Tesla said that with the recovery of production capacity and supply chain, it will provide free replacement HW3.0 services for owners of the upgraded Model 3 made in China with controller hardware of HW2.5 as planned. “Our staff will take the initiative to contact car owners who have installed HW2.5 hardware and arrange free replacement for them.” The above-mentioned Tesla related staff said that currently affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, relevant accessories cannot be supplied in time, even now The promise to replace the domestic Model 3 owners will take some time.

In response to what Tesla said about replacing HW3.0 hardware for domestic Model 3 owners for free, car owners have different attitudes. Some car owners said: “Knowing mistakes can be corrected, which is great.” But more car owners said, “Tesla’s behavior is to admit that it has deceived consumers.”

As the main chip of the Model 3, the HW3.0 hardware is responsible for providing the FSD (Full Self-Driving computer) function. Tesla China’s official website shows that the price of the optional FSD function needs to be paid 56,000 yuan. “Everyone bought it for this function. If you know that the HW3.0 chip is installed in China, and the imported car is only equipped with HW2.5 hardware, I believe that not many people will choose the imported Model 3 when they buy it.” A Tes Pull the owner said.

However, according to Tesla’s explanation, if there is no optional FSD function at this stage, there is basically no difference in driving experience and safety between the Model 3 models equipped with HW2.5 and the Model 3 models equipped with HW3.0. “The difference between HW2.5 and HW3.0 is mainly reflected in the follow-up related function upgrades, such as recognizing traffic lights, recognizing ‘ice cream cones’ (that is, traffic isolation buckets) and other functions, which can only be realized by vehicles equipped with HW3.0 hardware .” The above-mentioned Tesla related staff said that in terms of the functions such as automatic driving assistance currently opened by Tesla, there is no difference between the two versions of the model.

It is understood that the computing platform used by HW2.5 is the Drive PX2 computing platform customized by NVIDIA, while HW3.0 uses a new computing platform centered on self-developed FSD chips. HW3.0 realizes the image processing capability of 2300 frames per second, which is 21 times that of HW2.5.

Regarding Tesla’s operation, the relevant legal person believes that the “Environmental Information On-board List” of Tesla’s domestic Model 3 standard battery life rear-drive upgraded vehicle indicates that the vehicle controller is 1462554 (HW3.0) , and 1465773 (HW2.5) delivered to consumers. Tesla replaced HW3.0 hardware in production and delivered vehicles with HW2.5 hardware to consumers, changing the delivery without informing consumers. This is a breach of contract in a contractual relationship.

There is also a “reduction” in the imported Model 3

“The imported version of Model 3 was mentioned at the end of last year. At that time, a Tesla salesperson told me that the car was equipped with HW3.0 hardware, but I found out during the experience that my car did not have the ability to recognize the ‘ice cream cone’. ” said an imported Model 3 owner.

In fact, as early as December last year, the owner of the imported Model 3 found that there was a “reduction” in his vehicle and applied to Tesla for an explanation, but it has been 3 months, Tesla A solution has not yet been given.

It is reported that in a WeChat group of nearly 400 “Model 3 imported cars”, most of the car owners are in the same situation as the above-mentioned imported Model 3 car owners, and dozens of people in this group have complained and reported to various complaint platforms.

The above-mentioned imported Model 3 owners believe that this time the domestic Model 3 vehicle controller code is inconsistent with the environmental protection information on the vehicle list, which is a measure taken by the owner who has conclusive evidence and Tesla did not deny it. Owners of imported Model 3s may be left alone because there is no actual evidence.

This Tesla “reduction” is not limited to the inconsistency between the vehicle controller code and the environmental protection information on the vehicle list. A car owner broke the news, “The underside of the front armrest of the domestic Model 3 has also been reduced, from slush plastic to hard plastic.” Some car owners even left a message under Tesla’s official Weibo and asked: “There is no need to change the door panel to hard plastic. Explain and give an explanation?”

Relevant Tesla staff said that even if this happens, it is not “reduced” as the outside world calls it, but only the use of different ingredients. “The price of imported high-end models exceeds 500,000 yuan, and the domestic car is only more than 300,000 yuan. The price difference between the two models is nearly double. There should be a certain gap in certain configurations. Different models, the ingredients used are also sure. Different.”

Not only has the door panel changed to hard plastic, which has become “rough”, but the workmanship of Tesla’s imported Model 3 and domestic Model 3 has also made many car owners intolerable. “I have been to Tesla’s after-sales service store 6 times in 4 months.” The above-mentioned imported Model 3 owner said that the brakes and screens on his car would make abnormal noises from time to time, and the after-sales maintenance staff said that they could only change the relevant parts, there is no other way.

When visiting a Tesla experience store in Shanghai, when faced with questions such as “window seals are too rough” and “rough interiors”, the store staff said calmly: “We are so rough.” There is a view that this allocation reduction event will reduce the expectations of Tesla’s potential customers for its products. “I was still thinking about buying a domestic Model 3, but now it’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Some netizens said.

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