To be the “vanguard” of domestic storage, Quanxing Technology will appear at the “2022 Storage Industry Trend Summit”

With the rapid development of domestic big data, whether it is the Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, big data or 5G, artificial intelligence, intelligent security, etc. are inseparable from data storage, and with the strong support of national policies, more and more storage Manufacturers have joined the wave of “localization” of storage, and the domestic storage industry has officially entered a stage of explosive growth.

Among them, Shenzhen Quanxing Technology Co., Ltd., relying on years of industry experience and technical reserves, is accelerating the process of localization of the storage industry.

On November 18th, Quanxing Technology will bring its latest storage technologies and products to the “MTS2022 Storage Industry Trends Summit” hosted by TrendForce.

Quanxing Technology is a semiconductor storage product solution provider integrating R&D, production and sales. It provides one-stop services from chip packaging, testing, product development, production to global sales. It is also one of the few domestic companies that covers DRAM and NAND Flash. High-tech enterprises in two fields.

To be the “vanguard” of domestic storage, Quanxing Technology will appear at the “2022 Storage Industry Trend Summit”

The company has Quantian intelligent manufacturing base and Hong Kong international shipping platform. Among them, Quantian Intelligent Manufacturing Base is located in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, with 10,000+ square meters of dust-free workshops, including advanced chip packaging and testing bases, PCBA module manufacturing bases, engineering testing centers and technology R&D centers.

Quanxing Technology has a top technology R&D team and strong transformation ability of patented technology achievements. The company’s core operation team has been deeply involved in the semiconductor storage industry for 25 years, from acting as the agent of well-known brand storage products, to establishing its own R&D and intelligent manufacturing center, and creating domestic independent products. The brand “QUANXING” has become a member of Xinchuang, and has completed the entire industry chain layout of domestic semiconductor storage.

Quanxing Technology’s products and services cover embedded storage, DRAM memory modules, SSD solid-state drives, digital memory cards, USB flash drives, and chip packaging and testing services; provide consumer-grade, Xinchuang-grade, enterprise-grade, industrial-grade memory and industry Storage software and hardware application solutions.

Where your heart goes, where your body goes, where you end up

Localization is a key development trend of the domestic storage industry. Although domestic technology is becoming more and more mature, the current domestic storage technology is still in its infancy, and there are still many challenges to achieve a real counterattack.

As a new force of domestic brands, Quanxing Technology will take every step of the way, focus on the storage field, insist on independent research and development, not only to gradually achieve localized storage, but also to go out in the future to let domestic brands speak internationally , usher in the era of Chinese storage as soon as possible!

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