To demolish the east wall to make up the west wall, in order to ensure the supply of iPhone 13, Apple really fought hard!

After it was revealed yesterday that Apple’s after-sales service machine has been upgraded from iPhone 8 to iPhone XR, there is another news that surprised Apple fans recently, that is, Apple’s overseas official website has extended the unconditional return time of the device to 81 days. From today to the 5th of next month, the possibility of the former coming to China is still relatively high, and the latter is mainly prepared for the overseas “Black 5” shopping festival, it is basically impossible to come to China, no matter how much hair on Apple’s body Couldn’t stop licking.

Although it is unlikely that the National Bank iPhone will be synchronized with foreign countries to greatly extend the return time to attract users to buy, Apple may have to sacrifice the iPad in order to ensure the supply of iPhone 13 series models during the Double 11 period. Freeing up chips for the iPhone 13, iPad production has been greatly reduced, and the production reduction is close to 50% of the expected iPad production, which means that it will be cut by nearly half at once.

This move means that with Apple’s strong control over the supply chain, it is unable to obtain sufficient chips for use in a short period of time, so it can only reluctantly adopt this method of tearing down the east wall to make up for the west wall, because everyone knows that in Apple In the system, the importance of the iPhone in terms of sales volume and revenue is not a substitute for the iPad. In order to maintain the overall revenue at the minimum cost, reducing the production of the iPad is really a helpless but unavoidable measure.

Since the target is the iPhone 13, the key production reduction target should be the new iPad mini, because both sides use the A15 chip, and the Pro version is far more popular than the other two because of the addition of high refresh rate, but its more than one month The delivery time proves that the supply of goods is already quite tight. On the one hand, there are many people who want to buy it, and on the other hand, Apple can’t come up with the product. I believe that Apple has already decided to reduce the production of iPads when other methods have little effect.

At present, the delivery time of the iPad and iPad mini on the official website is close to the iPhone 13 Pro, and the flagship store directly shows that the products have been removed from the shelves. Even the iPad Pro and iPad Air show that the inventory is tight, which proves that the iPad production reduction is very likely to be true. In the next period of time, the delivery time of the iPhone 13 (especially the Pro version) should be earlier, but the possibility of being in stock is still too small.

For fruit fans, if you didn’t place an order before to get the iPhone 13 Pro, there is no need to place an order now, because even if Apple makes a surprise replenishment, it is for the users who have placed the order before and have not yet shipped it. If you have a mobile phone now Don’t rush to change the phone. As for other stores that are not official websites, non-flagship stores, and non-self-operated stores, personal advice is to be cautious, because you don’t just see the cheap few hundred yuan, once the equipment needs After the sale, you will find the trouble of unauthorized channels.

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